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Pan Pacific Toastmasters



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Tue 11/06/07 - 11:47 AM   PanPacificTM: Members, Please go to the Agenda menu to see your assigned duties.
Sun 03/02/08 - 09:56 PM   PanPacificTM: Officers: Please stay for Officers Meeting after our regular meeting on March 16th.
Sun 04/06/08 - 10:41 PM   PanPacificTM: Congratulations, Sushma!!
Tue 05/27/08 - 02:09 PM   PanPacificTM: Potluck on June 1st!!
Sun 10/19/08 - 03:48 PM   PanPacificTM: Winter Potluck on Dec 7th!
Sun 12/07/08 - 08:47 PM   PanPacificTM: Dec 21st meeting is postponed.
Sun 04/19/09 - 03:33 PM   PanPacificTM: Spring Potluck on May 3rd, 2009!
Mon 05/18/09 - 07:18 PM   PanPacificTM: May 31st meeting location to be announced later. Stay tuned!
Mon 08/17/09 - 08:06 PM   PanPacificTM: Aug 30th meeting will be held at I-Tuan's place. We'll have potluck too!
Tue 09/29/09 - 05:16 PM   PanPacificTM: Congratulations to Selvi & Emil!!
Tue 09/29/09 - 05:22 PM   PanPacificTM: On Oct 4th, we'll have a unique joint meeting with an area F3 club.
Wed 11/18/09 - 11:34 PM   PanPacificTM: Nov 29th meeting is canceled.
Sun 12/06/09 - 09:17 PM   PanPacificTM: Potluck on Dec 20th! Bring your family and friends!!
Fri 01/01/10 - 11:25 AM   PanPacificTM: Please take a look at our Inaugural Newsletter. Thanks Chao!!!
Mon 03/01/10 - 10:52 PM   PanPacificTM: As you can see, our webpage is currently undergoing a bit of transformation. Please provide your comments on our webpage design to Koting & Chao.
Mon 03/29/10 - 08:47 PM   PanPacificTM: Congrats to VaNessa for winning 1st place in Area F4 Table Topics Contest! Congrats to Selvi for wining 1st place in both Area F3 Table Topics Contest and International Speech!
Mon 03/29/10 - 09:40 PM   PanPacificTM: Division F Spring Contest is going to be held on April 10th. Don't forget to go cheer for our club winners!!
Sat 05/15/10 - 09:48 PM   PanPacificTM: Our second issue of the club newsletter has been published! Please check it out & enjoy!
Sun 05/16/10 - 01:04 PM   PanPacificTM: May 30th meeting will be in the outside patio area. See you there!
Mon 05/31/10 - 06:56 PM   PanPacificTM: June 6th meeting will be held at I-Tuan's house. Please contact her for a direction.

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